Ways to Nurture a Name by Yohani Mendis

Poem title: Ways to Nurture a Name Poet name: Yohani Mendis Poem: For all the years you butchered my name Each letter dragged in Anglicized mud the Sanskrit term for blessing felt like a dirty word I had to scour from memory. I tried to expunge the bad taste you left in my mouth when you blamed my name for not going easy on the tongue. like chewing the mango’s sugar off its stone you pick at culture to cater to your palate mine was never made for your consumption. Still I will teach you to say my name until it sticks like honey to your lips End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © Yohani Mendis Yohani Mendis is a Third Culture Kid and an emerging writer. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Hart House Review and Watch Your Head anthology. She currently resides in Toronto, where she is pursuing the Certificate in Creative Writing at the University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Studies.