Soup by Lynn Tait

POEM NAME: Soup AUTHOR NAME: Lynn Tait POEM: After “Hong Kong Soup 1826” a photo documentary series by Mandy Baker depicting plastic debris collected from over 30 different beaches in Hong Kong since 2012. 1862 is the amount of tonnage. “Soup” is a description given to plastic debris suspended in the ocean – a direct reference to the waste crisis in Hong Kong. man-made soup carried by water and wind, spat onto beaches – medical waste backdrop tapped, siphoned off – syringes, condoms spent like party favours – celebratory rubbish for each new year – snake dragon horse monkey, non-degradable annual revelry – seahorse and elephant’s synthetic end sadder than the real thing – Nature’s demise – a return, a breakdown cycle of life, death, extinction, accelerated by our love for the throwaway – tossed without ceremony – cluttered cemetery of idealized coastlines – the fruits of our oil-based labour – non-recyclable products of our collective desires, our discarded hearts – landfill escapees nestling into newfound niches – land and sea, embellished with artificial blooms – their flowering time eternal – sea foam or polystyrene, the romance of salt and sea – home of whale, salmon, coral reef or cod – these new denizens: more than meets the eye non-action figures – foregone conclusions flung with childhood abandon into the depths of coastal dumps – our road to infinity paved with disposable lighters – mannequin hands shake on empty promises – a toxic deal sealed in triplicate – what use medicinal debris, used IVs to a dying sea – no bottled bleach cleans up after itself – no tide scrubs clean these ocean floors. END OF POEM. CREDITS: Copyright © Lynn Tait Previously published in Windsor Review (Issue 29, 2007) Lynn Tait is an award-winning poet photographer living in Sarnia, Ontario. Her poems have been published in Vallum, FreeFall, CV 2, Literary Review of Canada and in over 100 North American anthologies. Her digital art has appeared on the cover of 7 poetry books. She’s a member of The Ontario Poetry Society and the League of Canadian Poets.