Sonar by Monica Kidd

POEM NAME: Sonar AUTHOR NAME: Monica Kidd POEM: Hospital room, carbolized. A baby crying in exhausted soprano, HVAC is water in your ears. Here is the Marianas trench of loneliness, sorrow twitching luminescent bait. You check your phone, ping a call into darkness. Nothing returns. Morning appears over the parking lot, skin cracking with drought, fire, river dust. Our room cold and her small body furled in defeat. She dreams of jellyfish, their skirts billowing like drowned ladies. A storm is coming. Feel the swell. Feel the growl in your belly. END OF POEM. CREDITS: Copyright © Monica Kidd Previously published in Chance Encounters with Wild Animals (Gaspereau Press, 2019) Monica Kidd’s most recent collection of poetry is Chance Encounters with Wild Animals (Gaspereau Press, 2019).