iron’s drops by Nicole De Jesus

POEM NAME: iron’s drops AUTHOR NAME: Nicole De Jesus POEM: the waves grow tired and rest upon obscure underwater rocks they can only sigh now everynight i anticipate seeing you over waves over all the darkest places in the world you hold your heart close to the bottom letting frowns cover even your brightest feelings; dreaming over reality you were dark then gold then green holding every hope on the tip on pruney fingers pruning predicaments don’t let my eyelashes lift from my cheek; you can indistinctly move between my phases and moods the flowers bloom through your eyes leaving strawberry juice where salt used to recreate roads will you smile for me please? END OF POEM. CREDITS: Copyright © Nicole De Jesus Previously published in The Next Generation Vol 1: Selected poems from 2020 Jessamy Stursberg Poetry Prize for Canadian Youth Nicole De Jesus is a writer who lives in Toronto, Ontario. She is currently enrolled in high school, where she enjoys writing, debate and art. She mainly finds inspiration in music.