Sheep in Sun by Keith Garebian

POEM NAME: Sheep in Sun AUTHOR NAME: Keith Garebian POEM: Rocks clambering into russet, the sturdy herder, staff in hand, keeps close watch of her wool-tufted charges tugging dry grass. Small black hooves, busy bells. The afternoon blinks cloudless in noon glare, sun’s blade cutting into the living. Bleats and blares. Far fields glimmer to sheep eyes. Slow white swaddling, they let the tourist bus pass, their beaded gaze, dark tongues snagging my attention, world outside the glass bleating, breathing, cut off. I’m no keeper of sheep, nor is my soul a shepherd of seasons, observing and following still. A sadness like sunset falls on me after the clanging bells. Wanderer, a stranger in any land. END OF POEM. CREDITS: Copyright © Keith Garebian Sheep in Sun” won Honourable Mention in the 2015 William Henry Drummond Poetry Contest, prior to its inclusion in the collection Poetry is Blood by Keith Garebian(Guernica, 2018). Keith Garebian has published eight poetry collections to date. Several of his poems have been anthologized in Canada and the U.S., and one of his Jarman poems was set to music last year for choir and instruments by Gregory Spears, in the company of a poem each by Thomas Merton and Denise Levertov. Garebian has been shortlisted for the Grit/Lit, Freefall magazine, and the Gwendolyn MacEwen/Exile poetry awards, and some of his poems have been translated into French, Armenian, Hebrew, Bulgarian, and Romanian.