It Smells Like by Emma Rhodes

POEM NAME: It Smells Like  AUTHOR NAME: Emma Rhodes POEM: I won’t go down on you 						  he says. 														Okay. That’s no problem. Sorry I  														guess I might be sweaty or something  														I was sort of nonstop today. . . Yeah it’s not supposed 	 	to smell 	     		 like that.  Fish.      Musk.  Animal              sweat and salt.  Sting your nose                        a little 	               	   acidic like lemon or oysters 		squish and stank. 											Or home.  												   Lemon chicken? 																		The warmth  																		of a handmade 								 																					    meal. I’m supposed to be  			   flower. 		      		  Light, pink,  		   	         fresh, a symbol                                 of life, but  											the only roses  		      											   mum had  																were dead 				             													and dried         																	and hung  																		from the ceiling  																		in her salon.   															      Beautiful.	 																	    Though not fresh.  	 											And mum’s dead roses brought joy, still.   											We loved 	       													whether we smelled like flowers       	  																			or not. 						 																		So I’m sorry. 																		I guess 																				 I thought 																		I was 																						home.  END OF POEM. CREDITS:  Copyright © Emma Rhodes Previously published in in Meltdown Poetry (2020)  Emma Rhodes is a recent graduate from St. Thomas University, with honours in English Literature and a concentration in Creative Writing. Her work has been/will be published in places such as The /temz/ Review, Feels Zine, RiddleFence, The Miramichi Reader, The Ormsby Review and elsewhere. Instagram: @emma_b_rhodes