Deep Hunting by S.A. McCormick

POEM NAME: Deep Hunting AUTHOR NAME: S.A. McCormick POEM: The coyotes are restless tonight. A few hours before dawn, frantic yowls jolt me awake women deep in battle wail outside my window in the dark Neighbours’ dogs bark the husky moans my heart races, awakened prey ears transfixed on sound I remember beds in deep grasses not far away in the fields resting deer, seeking sanctuary in moon shadows of the old farmhouse last year’s doe and spotted fawn, now grown and curious, we met in early fall one crisp blue day, all big eyes and slow, pony steps Deep in hunting season, decoy sounds rouse fear blood hangs in the air Coyotes silence ghosts of night all prey dead still. END OF POEM. CREDITS: Copyright © S.A. McCormick Previously published in Verse Afire (2007) and Writings on the Wall (2008). S. A. McCormick writes poetry and anything else that piques her fancy. Two of her three novels are ebooks at She is a returning member of The Ontario Poetry Society, and looks forward to celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2021.