A Straightener of Nails by Glen Sorestad

Poet Name: Glen Sorestad Poem Title: A Straightener of Nails Poem: Whenever my father spotted a nail, bent or twisted by errant hammer, discarded as useless because it was  no longer true, he always picked up the reject to carry   along with him to where he kept an old tobacco can,  where the off-kilter joined the collection of cripples needing his attention. It was a task for another day.  I was too young to understand his reason for doing this,  nor to fathom what satisfaction he received for his  slow and deliberate care in returning each nail to true.  This was when my father’s livelihood was driving his car down gravel or dirt roads selling Fuller brushes,  then Electrolux vacuums, Nutty Club confectioneries.  He eked a meagre wage, but his heart was never in it. His honesty and regard for others road-blocked sales targets and he could never pressure anyone to buy.  Rainy weekends, I would find him in his workshop,  happy with his hammer and his tobacco can, working  against time to set things right, the only way left to him. End of Poem.  Credits: Copyright © Glen Sorestad Previously published in Duke City Fix, an online arts news magazine, in Albuquerque, NM in May 2017: it subsequently appeared online in Your Daily Poem in June 2019 and appeared in the anthology, Tamaracks: Canadian Poetry for the Twenty-first Century, 2019. Glen Sorestad has been a member of the LCP for 40 years and is the author of over 25 books of poems. His poems have appeared in over 70 anthologies and have appeared in print and online publications in many countries. His poems have been translated into eight languages, including his latest book, Selected Poems from Dancing Birches, a bilingual Italian/English book (2020, Impremix Edizioni Visual Grafika of Torino).