Planetary Motion by Julie McNeill

Poet Name: Julie McNeill Poem Title: Planetary Motion Poem: as seen by NASA From mission control, these dances are always filled with nervous bodies: Couples, crowds of moons… waiting for a turn at the photo booth practicing their pose for New Horizon’s fly-by. The kisses of passing meteors, an entrée into planethood for some. The comets make a big play for attention Impact in five, four, three… Did you see how Pluto and Charon gaze at each other? The dwarf planet and the fat moon equal misfits at the school dance. What does the year book say… destined for… an eternity together. There aren’t a lot of choices in these orbits. Can Charon even see Pluto’s big heart? Smooth and unscathed — young, they say — Pluto must think he’s holding on to heaven. What else could she be? End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © Julie McNeill Julie McNeill is a Toronto poet and graphic designer. She was an original member of George Miller’s Bohemian Embassy, later Phoenix Poets’ Workshop. She has given numerous readings across the country, as well as on radio and television. Her book, Four Red Crescent Moons appeared in 1998.