Turning Thirty by Matthew Gwathmey

Poet Name: Matthew Gwathmey Poem Title: Turning Thirty Poem: Think the wise but say the common, my desire’s to be a popular footnote, to keep my character count within reason. Cacti graffiti, cliff tag rejoice, You & Me Forever our nouveau cave art. I want to witness the hedgehogs at the TED talks. I want to control who gets my parade of babble. Expanding my mental checklist— switch off the Wi-Fi while asleep (love); water the artificial plants (haha); germinate seeds on the cable box (wow). I’ll sling kingdoms, glistening tweets cut from the stuff of bandwagons. I’ll document lessons learned in quick- fire mobile photographs. As my data turns into a gas and rises out of clutter. End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © Matthew Gwathmey Previously published in Our Latest in Folktales (Brick Books, 2019). Reprinted by permission of Brick Books. Matthew Gwathmey lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick. He studied creative writing at the University of Virginia, and has work published in The Malahat Review, Crazyhorse, Prairie Fire, The Fiddlehead and The Iowa Review, as well as other literary magazines. He is currently working on his PhD at the University of New Brunswick. His first poetry collection, Our Latest in Folktales, was published by Brick Books in the spring of 2019.