Iceberg in Ferryland by Melanie Power

Poet Name: Melanie Power Poem Title: Icebergs in Ferryland Poem: The landlocked arrive from all over just to take a gawk, parking their cars amidst all the traffic pissing off Loop locals. They let their doors hang ajar in mechanical awe, rushing out like you were about to dart off to visit Edna Breen in The Pool, the Ferrylander who now keeps her drinks cold with your cubes. Each eyeful is leaden in the chest, heavy like irrepressible memory. We know, we know— you are neither the first, nor the last. Icebergs visit every spring: the spawn of Baffin Island’s glaciers, or the estranged relations of Greenland’s ice sheets, departing from cold origins, floating down the coast, nudging into our coves as singular, white souvenirs. We covet your firm, taut sheen and dearth of pores— secrets we could bottle and sell to Lancôme. Some watch you drip, glisten through the lenses of phones, vying for the perfect angle, a picture to filter sublime and post. The iceberg’s agency is maybe that every photo proves inadequate. Its dimensions appear unreal, as if painted, but unlike art, it is soluble— we love it most because the hours change it. Your movements are slow, routine, and yet we stare, expecting you— like some great, sleeping animal— to shift poses or awaken. Your slick, blue face glitters under sun that spoiled us all April, stealing us more warm days for picking berries, for chances at catching our narrowing allowance of cod. We have loved these boat rides, have loved, too, the salt the sea licks skin with. And we never shut up about the good weather—funny how each summer lately seems like the warmest on record. Here we are, expecting, even hoping, that you will wilt away— in a culture that loves to see a big celebrity degrade. End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © Melanie Power Previously published in The Antigonish Review, Issue 199 (2020) Melanie Power is a Montreal-based writer from Newfoundland. Her poetry has been published in various Canadian literary journals. Her work has recently been shortlisted for the Montreal International Poetry Prize and Arc’s Poem of the Year Contest. This poem, “Iceberg in Ferryland,” placed third in The Antigonish Review’s 2019 Great Blue Heron Poetry Contest, judged by Sue Goyette.