Spontaneous Poetry Writing Webinar

with Kate Marshall Flaherty!

This event took place on January 30, 2021.

Spontaneous poetry writing is the act of connecting with someone — whether that’s a stranger, a loved one, a friend, or a client — to write a poem that captures a feeling, moment, image or essence of the conversation. The craft of spontaneous poetry writing encourages meaningful dialogue and exploratory conversations, and can prompt moving poetry that mirrors the experience using some of the speakers own words.

This webinar is an excellent opportunity for both experienced and emerging poets to sharpen observational and descriptive skills, develop new interpersonal tools and the art of guiding questionsall in a manner that fosters weaving words and images into spontaneous poetryMaster the ability to write poetry in the moment, a practice to develop and incorporate into your writing alone and with others 

The webinar included:

  • Instruction on how to conduct interviews for spontaneous poetry-writing 
  • An example and demonstration of the interview process 
  • Opportunities for paired practice, as both poet-writer and person interviewed 
  • Prompts for how to incorporate spontaneous poetry into your writing life 
  • Lists and brainstorm of open-ended and image-capturing questions to stimulate writing 
  • Suggestions for events that may suit spontaneous poetry booth 
  • Applications for live spontaneous poetry-creation as well as best practices on Zoom 
  • Examples of spontaneous poetry-writing during Covid, and at live and virtual events 

Join Kate Marshall Flaherty and poets from across Canada in learning about the craft of spontaneous poetry writing, and practice in real-time with fellow writers. This webinar was created for members of the League of Canadian Poets and The Writers’ Union of Canada