Poem title: BLUE... DEEP LOVE FILLED EYES... Poet: John Oross Poem: Blue… deep love filled eyes… Keep on staring deep into mine. Blue… deep love filled eyes… Can’t hide what you feel inside. Please… place trust in me… Your reward of loves return shall set us free. Years… many have flown by… Your love endures by my side. Time… Has indeed flown by… Our love we share fills us both with pride. Although… we’ve weathered many storms… Nothing’s changed between you and me. Soon… we will go our separate ways… Sadly, we don’t live life forever. In the end… we have no say… Let us enjoy these moments filled with love. Should I have to leave today… I will wait for you… come whatever that may. Blue… deep love filled eyes… My true emotions I just can’t hide. Blue… deep love filled eyes… Oh, how I missed you by my side. Please… come away with me… Our reward of love’s return shall set us free. End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © John Oross Appears in the League of Canadian Poets’ Fresh Voices 21, edited by Joan Conway and Blaine Marchand. John Oross is a local member of both Masonry (blue lodge and Scottish Rite) and a Shrine Noble through Khartum. He has had the privilege of working in entertainment for 23 years through a company catering to worthy charities, Xentel DM Inc. John is now working for a wonderful firm of caring individuals. Leede Jones Gable Inc. Winnipeg is a terrific place to work. He lets his art speak for itself.

This poem first appeared in Fresh Voices 21, a project from and for the League’s associate members, edited by Joan Conway (Check out her personal blog!) and Blaine Marchand. The League’s associate members are talented poets who are writing and publishing poetry on their way to becoming established professional poets in the Canadian literary community. We are excited to be taking this opportunity to showcase the work of our associate members in this series!

Fresh Voices 21 includes poetry by: Lisa Alletson, Moni Brar, Neall Calvert, Melanie Flores, Michelle Hillyard, Frank Klaassen, Joseph LaBine, Josephine LoRe, John Oross and Nan Williamson.

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