Arthur by Carolyn Marie Souaid

Poem title: Arthur Poet: Carolyn Marie Souaid Poem: Whenever I sit to write the same old sparrow lands on the outer ledge of my window, beyond the desk where my keyboard lies, waiting for inspiration. It is Arthur, always Arthur with his distinct markings, the matchstick hues of the drained soil in late November. He’s like a nervous man in a tweed coat, scurrying across the street with a newspaper under his arm, and he may not be a sparrow at all but he is definitely Arthur. I would never mistake him for another. He arrives gently on the wing of dawn and awakens me to my higher self, the little flame that, upon death, never extinguishes but vanishes momentarily in a sudden wind, to appear once more in the strangest of places when nature returns in the arms of a cloud. I believe that long after my ashes have cooled, that dear bird will find me again wherever I am, in the web of silence, the way he finds me now, with my sleeves rolled up and some tea in a pot, steeping. End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © Carolyn Marie Souaid Previously published in The Eleventh Hour (Ekstasis Editions, Fall 2020). Carolyn Marie Souaid is the Montreal-based author of eight poetry books and the acclaimed novel, Yasmeen Haddad Loves Joanasi Maqaittik. She has performed at festivals and literary events in Canada and abroad, and her work has been featured on CBC-Radio.