in the surf by Daniela Elza

Poem title: in the surf Poet name: Daniela Elza Poem: all this I want to say to the relentless surf— how we break on these shores into song break down into tears. how once our bodies were so awake we were sure we were alive. how the wave is at the mercy of the wind for its breaking. how sunset breaks my fall into the dark. how my body awoke next to yours one morning. how love let me break on you. how we are pebbles rolled smooth against each other in the stark lament of the body’s oceans. how water turns memory crashes and foams on the shores of our etymologies. and how every so often I find a rock the ocean rolled into a heart. how easy it is to place all my longing and awe on its small narrow shoulders. how it too was broken before it was rolled smooth and how on its tiny petrified body I lay my wonder. End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © Daniela Elza Previously published in the broken boat (Mother Tongue Publishing, 2020). Born and raised between three continents, Daniela Elza immigrated to Canada in 1999. This poem is from her fourth collection of poetry the broken boat (Mother Tongue Publishing, 2020) which she is launching under pandemic times. Daniela’s poems have won numerous contests and have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net Anthology multiple times. slow erosions, (a chapbook of collaborated poems with poet Arlene Ang) is recently released with Collusion Books (October, 2020). Her essay “But where are you really from?” is recently released in the Queen’s Quarterly. Daniela lives and writes in Vancouver, BC. For more info go to: To support our authors and publishers you can purchase the broken boat from your local independent bookstore, the publisher’s website: or for a signed copy directly from the author.