Learning Humming by Neall Calvert

Poem title: Learning Humming Poet name: Neall Calvert Poem: Hover, sip, scoot / hover, sip, scoot / hover, sip . . . blossom by glowing blossom, heuristic hummer, you pull pink-campion nectar in a garden . . . Next, aeronaut of ambrosia / penny- weight navigator of nuance, you burst upon billowing purple/yellow pansies arm’s length away . . . Breath stops, mind stills, readying for teacher of trust’s even bolder tryst: deck’s-rail respite / tiny back iridescing scant inches off . . . Ah . . . educator of energetics: When you sit quietly so near, I start to hum. End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © Neall Calvert Neall Calvert has twenty-five years’ experience as a journalist, book editor and writer. Influenced by the German-speaking poets Friedrich Hölderlin and Rainer Maria Rilke, he has been published in The Men’s Journal, Borrowed Solace, the book Vistas of the West, and online at Fresh Voices and Recovering The Self. Neall is an associate member of the League of Canadian Poets.