Reading The Hidden Literary Art: E by Grant Wilkins

Poem title: Reading The Hidden Literary Art: E Poet name: Grant Wilkins Poem: Tormented by nightmares, Aurélie was greeted by an unfamiliar chorus of culinary activities. Escaping the dreaded house on Augusta Street, she finally restored the order of the world, laughing like a horse in her pink cotton nightgown. Through the minute open window she could lie perfectly well using only her hands. Then she returned to the silent chaos of the fields, her only man slipping to the bottom of the ocean, as graceful as a butterfly in a patch of blue sky. Directing the strange polka with his most secret passions, the Seventh asked Mother if she had any memories of Brother Théodule wearing a tutu and breeches in the armchair, like a flute player charming a snake in a blue and white porcelain sink. Jean-Baptiste stammered slightly, strategically avoiding the disapproving glance of my mother. This time the dream ended when Aurélie, polished as a queen, finally uttered something intelligible, her words like Kabbalistic signs in imprinted red circles. Putting on the Vicar’s best voice, we pick up our books and notepads and head home to the columbarium. End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © Grant Wilkins Grant Wilkins is a printer, papermaker, small press publisher and occasional poet from Ottawa. He has degrees in History & Classical Civilization and English, and he likes ink, metal, paper, letters, sounds and words, and combinations thereof.