Timepiece by Elana Wolff

Poem title: Timepiece Poet name: Elana Wolff Poem: Slow slurring rain naïving an April landscape—rain on rain. Inside, a fine & wiry fellow turns his trucks in circles—as he is them. His canny sense for singular things that pivot: dust- bunnies, wheel/s, water, the clock. This morning he slipped into bed beside me. Face to face we lay there, quiet— he with his ‘sweetie’, I with a cloth of my own draped over my crown, to block the light that enters the head at night. An inner clepsydra clocks the body-waters, the stillness of the pillow-slips, the coverlet & sheets. Secret beat of our organs to the syllables of our names, the musky scent of mingling morning breath. The giants on the boulevard are noisy—slurping rain: sycamores & cypresses, the Brobdingnagian ficus. Lightning slices close to our bones & glows in us—like calcite. Time becomes sabbatical, a flywheel. End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © Elana Wolff Elana Wolff is the author of six collections of poetry and a collection of essays on poems. She has also co-authored, with the late Malca Litovitz, a collection of rengas; co-authored a chapbook of poems with Susie Petersiel Berg; co-edited with Julie Roorda a collection of poems written to poets and the stories that inspired them; and co-translated with Menachem Wolff poems from the Hebrew by Georg Mordechai Langer. Elana’s poems and creative nonfiction pieces have been published in Canada and internationally and have garnered awards. She has taught English for Academic Purposes at York University in Toronto and at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She currently divides her professional time between writing, literary editing, and designing and instructing social art courses. Her sixth collection, Swoon, is the 2020 winner of the Canadian Jewish Literary Award for Poetry.