pinky laundry by Christina Shah

Poem title: pinky laundry Poet name: Christina Shah Poem: their dirty custard ranks present a row of grooved tongues crooked for a six-quarter shakedown with a thin rinse  pregnant, trembling, spinning boxing bloodied socks and jeans punishing the textile transgressions of poor days dodged  into the side-gyre mesh drum tumbling hot chaos rising in five-minute increments  here, we're our own hunchbacked bellmen wheeling our low-slung carts below entombed fluorescent bars Charons ferrying terrycloth, folding the rabbled souls  End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © Christina Shah Previously published in The Fiddlehead (Issue 281– Fall 2019).  Christina Shah was born in Ottawa and lives in Vancouver, where she works in heavy industry. Her poetry has appeared in various journals, including Vallum, The Fiddlehead, Arc, and Grain, with work forthcoming in EVENT and PRISM international. She has recently completed her first full-length poetry manuscript. On a hot day she’ll be found at a good swimming hole.