Raking Leaves in Wind by Peter Taylor

Poem title: Raking Leaves in Wind Poet name: Peter Taylor Poem: Rebellious, my mind skitters across the lawn in wild abandon, my hands tugging at wisps cart- wheeling to joy in other places. I stand defeated beside piles disintegrating into undone ideas, each gust scattering thoughts beyond my reach. End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © Peter Taylor Previously published in Tipton Poetry Journal (2014). Peter Taylor has worked as a printer and bookbinder, medical publisher, institute director, and non-profit executive director. He holds a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in English, specializing in Renaissance drama. He has published Trainer, The Masons, Aphorisms, and First Epistle to Dr. Torr, and his poems have appeared in journals and anthologies in more than a dozen countries. His experimental verse play on the Civil War, Antietam, won honourable mention in the international War Poetry Contest in Northampton, Massachusetts. His latest chapbook, Hell-box, was published by Frog Hollow Press in May, 2020. He lives in Aurora, Ontario.