Everything by Colin Morton

Poem title: “Everything Poet name: Colin Morton Poem: seems fine with the world though terrible things happen” writes Susan Gillis, and I can feel it sitting in the shade on a sunny day, listening to birds. I and my accounts are healthy in this recession,  no rioting disturbs my street, my local police  have not murdered anyone this year, and I hope it’s a trend.  My garden is growing, I am learning to cook  and even the use of some of my tools. Terrible things happen, I have seen some happen right here at home. I know it’s the scene of at least one divorce and maybe worse things than I want to write here  in the shade on a sunny day, when things seem fine, when the promise of better is on everyone’s lips. In Emergency, you don’t ask if anyone has died in the bed you are on, you take it as read and get on with healing. Everything in the world is on its own hasty path, there’s little you can carry.  Drop grudges, hatreds, superstitions.  Care for your head and feet, your fingers and eyes. Be kind to your stomach, learn to cook. End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © Colin Morton Previously published published in the June 2020 Pandemic Anthology from /temz/ Colin Morton has published a dozen books of poetry and twice received the Archibald Lampman Award. His other work includes fictions, reviews, and film. A guest on Algonquin land, he lives in Ottawa.