On Seeing My Nana After Her Death by Courtney Bates-Hardy

Poet: Courtney Bates-Hardy Poem title: On Seeing My Nana After Her Death  Poem: I focus on the door and the grey floor  as the nurse leads us to her room.     I force my eyes to watch  the curtain pulled from its perch   atop the door and away on its rolling path.     I must go in, though she is no longer here.     The white sheet over her body is a cliché:  the shape of her feet, her arms,   her face, at last.     The curl has been combed out of her hair.     The wrinkles I have loved and known  are smooth and gone.    Her tongue is a sleeping baby bird.    Her body is a disappearing trick,  vanished beneath the cloth.     Her feet no longer bring her pain.     I place my hand on the bed,   hesitate,  find her hand, still familiar--    squeeze one last time  as I did every time    I said goodbye.   End of poem. Credits: Copyright © Courtney Bates-Hardy Courtney Bates-Hardy is the author of House of Mystery (2016) and a chapbook titled Sea Foam (2013). Her poems have appeared in Room, This Magazine, and the Canadian Medical Association Journal, among others. She lives in Regina with her husband and their cat.