Speech by Himanshi Singla

Poet: Himanshi Singla Poem title: Speech Poem: Fenugreek steams up with sauces and spices in the pot in my kitchen Few years ago, I sat down on my stool in operation theatre dissecting, suturing his cleft soft palate muscles to close the gap nature left, my only Hope was, it will help him talk better Another day, we made a hole in wind pipe her laryngeal cancer, dry lips and throat after radiotherapy made it difficult for her to talk her thoughts steaming up in her mind our only Hope was, she will feel better Here in my kitchen, I open my pot Fenugreek and spices fill my home I wonder, did the surgery let them Open their minds and talk free? Let loose their speech and fill the hearts of loved ones with their warmth. End of poem. Credits: Copyright © Himanshi Singla Himanshi Singla grew up In India and moved to Canada, a few years ago. For a former surgeon, a writer by heart and a fun loving mother, poetry has been her childhood friend. She draws her inspiration from nature and situations around her. She enjoys sharing her work on her personal blog and with the members of Toronto Poetry Circle.