Viral by Julie Cameron Gray

Poet: Julie Cameron Gray Poem title: Viral Poem: Spreads like the English language, like Swedish furniture, like Starbucks. Steals on its tiptoes over a creaking hardwood floor, sneaks up, saddles up, two steps, entrechats. Kneels down in the warm soil and plants its dark seeds two to four inches apart and waits for them to take root. Blooms, unfurls, sprouts hoary little legs and stands shocked in one place. Mushrooms, fans out, invades, shoots; goes fishing, comes back with dinner. Arrives wrapped as a gift and waits until the city falls asleep, so it can spring out and murder every villager it finds. Announces that you simply must watch this YouTube video. Erupts a lava of criticism about your friends, haircut, shoes, and reading habits. Collects the small secrets and loose change of your body and builds an aerie in the hollow of your shoulder blades, where it begins to write its memoirs. End of poem. Credits: Copyright © Julie Cameron Gray Previously published in Tangle by Julie Cameron Gray (Tightrope Books, Spring 2013). Julie Cameron Gray is the author of the poetry collections Tangle and Lady Crawford, which was shortlisted for the Pat Lowther Memorial Award. Her work has appeared in The Best Canadian Poetry in English, the Fiddlehead, Carousel, Vallum, Grain, and Prairie Fire. She is a regular contributor to Taddle Creek Magazine.