Wild Horses by Rayanne Haines

Poet: Rayanne Haines Poem title: Wild Horses Poem: my father’s rage often lingered with the dirty dishes in my mother’s kitchen sink. this is where we learned how to put ourselves back together. made plans. belted out Reba. dogs and cats wandered lazy about our feet. tripped us up, taught us to ignore the stench of fear and anger. to bury our faces in fur. to be rapacious. once, a glass, shattered under the water, sliced my hand open. blood turned the dirty water red. knuckle bone exposed like a warm animal. water grazing like wild horses. End of poem. Credits: Copyright © Rayanne Haines Rayanne Haines’s writing has appeared in or is forthcoming from, The Fiddlehead, Impact: The Lives of Women After Concussion Anthology, Voicing Suicide Anthology, The Selkie Resiliency Anthology, Freefall, Wax Poetry and Arts, Funicular, and Indefinite Space. She is the co-host of the poetry podcast, Let’s Get Lit and is the Alberta NWT rep for the League of Canadian Poets. Rayanne is a 2019 Edmonton Artist Trust Fund Award recipient. Her poetry and prose have been nominated for the Canadian Authors Association Exporting Alberta Award and the John Whyte Memorial Essay Alberta Literary Award. Her current work focuses on mental health and intergenerational female trauma. tell the birds your body is not a gun is forthcoming in April 2021 with Frontenac House.