Having a Beer with Winter by Marjorie Bruhmuller

Poet: Marjorie Bruhmuller Poem title: Having a Beer With Winter Poem:   There is a steamy place   that Winter brings you to  takes your hat from your head,  hangs your scarf and jacket on a hook  and with a smile, sits you down   (an arm around your shoulder)  to a cold beer and peanuts.    after numerous stories  of a girl shivering in a cold   apartment, a heater blasting  frozen pipes, a zipper iced shut  tongues stuck on a bus window  and a suede coat ruined (cold, cold blues…)    he takes out a smoke  and offers you one.  After lighting it up   and blowing out the match  Winter leans his elbow on the bar  squints at you through his own cloud  and says, "So, what about you?"  End of poem. Credits: from The Bell You Hardly Hear, Ekstasis Editions, 2017 and also appeared in The Mitre, Bishop's University Literary Journal, 2009. Marjorie Bruhmuller owned and operated a natural soap company, Belle Epoque, for 13 years. She has published two books of poetry, The Bell You Hardly Hear, (Ekstasis Editions, 2017) and Back Porch Haiku (Editions les petits nuages, 2019 ) which won an honourable mention in Haiku Canada’s Marianne Bluger Awards, 2020. Her poems have been published in many Canadian and American literary journals. She leads writing workshops and is Poetry Editor of Shoreline Press. She uses her photographs to make tiny handmade haiku books. She lives in the Eastern Townships of Quebec.