These Hills by Silvia Falsaperla

Poet: Silvia Falsaperla Poem title: These Hills Poem: We climb the hills we’ve seen only from afar now with rustic Tuscan women, gatherers of wild greens with bitter leaves from the ground. The little one plucks the dwarf daffodils, pale white or yellow, some without the inner bell. The round hills embrace him like the arms of women, these hills that are his birthright. Up here the air is rare and the heart pounds inside the chest with an undefinable desire. The hills swirl. The green leaves of the olive trees reveal they are silver underneath. The boulders resound the tumult of my desire. The holm oaks, oracle trees, sage trees, only their silences. End of poem. Credits: Copyright © Silvia Falsaperla Silvia Falsaperla is a graduate of the University of Toronto. She has published short fiction in Canadian literary magazines and her poems have appeared in the Association of Italian Canadian Writers newsletters and recently anthologized in Make it New, (The Ezra Pound Society Magazine, 2019), Ezra’s Book (Clemson University Press, USA, 2019), and in People, Places, Passages: An Anthology of Canadian Writing (Longbridge Books, 2018). Other poems have been published in Italian Canadiana (University of Toronto, 2020) and in the special print issue of Accenti (Spring 2020). She was a finalist in the Accenti Short Story Contest 2020 and has currently completed her first collection of poetry.