From the Dyzgraphxst by Canisia Lubrin

Poet name: Canisia Lubrin	 Poem Name: From the Dyzgraphxst Poem: planes showering powdered milk into the ville I remembers the lake clotting and Jejune disappearing into drought long before starvation, long before the woman whose children live  a whole particle away from theory, whose footnotes lodge the throat, ours, and provoke Jejune to marvel at our good fortune next to mothers with all their wailing annulled, somehow,  the motor towing Jejune this whole while, this thing big enough for laughter, an exhumed patois, Jejune never asks it why Jejune only defends I: what do you have and what have you tried to save End of Poem.  Credits: Copyright © Canisia Lubrin Published in The Dyzgraphxst (M&S, 2020). Canisia Lubrin the author of The Dyzgraphxst (M&S 2020), Voodoo Hypothesis (W&W, 2017) and, forthcoming, Code Noir (Knopf).