Heart by Jennifer Hosein

Poet name: Jennifer Hosein Poem Name: Heart Poem: My mother’s heart begins to drift away but we are selfish and tell her to let them fix it and we pace and pace the days Don’t tell her it’s a porcine aortic valve’s open and close that keeps her herself until she is not herself: voice crooked face fallen buttons askew and pants half on the floor I cannot begin Beloved mother is a clipped-winged bird that floats around in lace- edged nightgowns soft, soft skin like a schoolgirl’s shooing away the cats and always packing her clothes to go home End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © Jennifer Hosein Published in A Map of Rain Days (Guernica Editions, 2020). Jennifer Hosein is a Toronto-based, Montreal-born writer, visual artist, and educator. Her debut collection of poetry, A Map of Rain Days, was published by Guernica Editions in September, 2020. Her poems, short fiction, and a play have been published in magazines in Canada, and her artwork has appeared on book covers, in magazines, and in solo and group exhibitions.