My Father’s Prayer by Valerie Mason-John

Poet name: Valerie Mason-John Poem Name: My Father’s Prayer Poem: My father who art in the universe What on earth is your name Will you ever come Thy will be home Dead or alive Give me day or night your daily name And I will forgive your sons Forgiving all those who have colluded with your sins And lead me not into more unhappiness But deliver me from this pain For thou have the power and the knowledge Forever and ever Of All men. End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © Valerie Mason-John Published in I’m Still Your Negro, An Homage to James Baldwin, (University of Alberta 2020). Valerie Mason-John: Many moons ago a friend said you’re a journalist you write poems. I thought do I? I had scrawled on the school desk - roses are red, violets are blue, I’m still in love with you. I rose to the challenge, and those first two poems I wrote are no public installations. My lack of confidence in poetry led me to writing monologues, plays, Brown Girl In the Ring, was where I discovered spoken word form. In this book I wrote plays, short stories and some poems. It took me 20 years to have the courage to write my first collection of poetry. I think because it is an art form that I wish I had every waking hour to work on a poem.