Love Sonnet for Light by Yusuf Saadi

Poet name: Yusuf Saadi Poem Name: Love Sonnet for Light Poem: I know a star in Andromeda broke every colour in your heart. That you shivered yourself to sleep in a meteor’s crevice or moon’s crater whose dust is now my skin. Beyond my finitude you dream a wave and particle at once. Know I love the way you warm my fingers, pour gilt on my hardwood floors, bear the universe’s stories through bedroom windows. I wish I could touch you— not like two electrons repulsing, nor within the semiotics of language, but hold you how I hold a hand when I’m afraid— and close my eyes when you’re naked. End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © Yusuf Saadi Published in Pluviophile, Nightwood Editions, 2020. Yusuf Saadi’s first collection is Pluviophile (Nightwood Editions April 2020). He currently lives in Montreal.