When The Rebel Rolls Through by Britta B

Poet name: Britta B Poem Name: When The Rebel Rolls Through Poem: Call her : The Rebel  To break the cycle of violence in her home she writes poems It gives her  access to an attitude the ways of the world attempt to sub- tract from her  Looking back it’s easier to piece together the fractures of her family  										and looking ahead it’s how she holds herself accountable for a future she won’t be around to see  Her poetry is her legacy  			She uses her voice 		to disrupt structures of unkindness and  brain-freeze  Despite  what you might  think: a Rebel doesn’t go out looking  for trouble  a Rebel  does not seek revenge  A Rebel refuses to be subdued by any setbacks or acts of violence and searches within  for that speck, that spark of resilience  She believes we each have an influence on the quality of breath and self-respect the next generation has We might not get to choose where or to whom we are born However the matter, no matter how much love a person receives all it takes is one act of unkindness  to kill somebody   She has seen how even      a particle  of unkindness compelled her parental guardians  to become gargoyles  At first, it was just a few bad table manners but eventually the kitchen table  became a magnet for disaster  Without knowing no better she began to believe she had nothing important to become because she had lost all good feelings to come from  Wishing herself so small she wished herself missing 								    								  Until finally		    										a little voice erupted  															    and thankfully 								   she listened    Having community to count on  respect her and check her is how she’s able to flourish despite  the adversity and odds against her  Having a rebellious nature doesn’t make her a troublemaker This Rebel reveals regal reverence writing rhymes to relieve resentment Recognizing we each have a fire in our chests and bet we’re meant to keep each other warm She resists the urge to become numb with doubt flexing her hand of encouragement out  Not always arriving almighty, but timely  															Oou!			 when The Rebel finally rolls through, yeah Oou!  when The Rebel rolls through  it is not only her heart that cracks open  it is her voice  End of Poem.