Poems and Streams by shalan joudry

Poem Title: Poems and Streams Poet Name: shalan joudry Poem: these words are water these lines are moments readers on the riverbank witness that which is passing from events somewhere sometime onto the next  readers the erratics my lines bend around becoming unpunctuated flow End of poem.  Credits: Copyright © shalan joudry Published in Waking Ground, Gaspereau Press, 2020 shalan joudry is a mother and narrative artist working in many mediums. She is a poet, playwright, podcast producer, oral storyteller and actor, as well as a cultural interpreter. Her first book of poetry, Generations Re-merging, was published by Gaspereau Press (2014) and her second book, Elapultiek, was published by Pottersfield Press (2019). Her second collection of poetry, Waking Ground, is also published by Gaspereau Press (fall 2020). shalan has shared her poetry, oral storytelling and drum singing with numerous stages, events, schools and organizations for over two decades. shalan also facilitates cultural and ecological professional development workshops. Most recently shalan’s poem Kmitknu was featured at Nocturne (Halifax) as an audio installation in the Halifax Public Gardens. shalan lives in her home territory of Kespukwitk (southwest Nova Scotia) with her family in their community of L’sətkuk (Bear River First Nation).