Untitled by Tyler Pennock

Poem Title:Untitled Poet Name: Tyler Pennock Poem: Mrs. Miller told us that water expands when it freezes stretches out in all directions  filling the space around it sometimes breaking the container it’s in  Later, I learned that water could trap and bend light the same way we turn feelings into memory  I sat at the desk, head down squeezing my eyes  trying to blot out all the distractions of that house to get to my memories of you   holding snapshots of bad memories that would one day thaw –  or in freezing them perhaps they would crack  and explode, shatter   the house  in which they formed End of poem. Credits:  Copyright © Tyler Pennock Published in Bones, Brick Books Publishing, 2020  Tyler Pennock was adopted from a Cree and Metis family around the Lesser Slave Lake area of Alberta. They are a graduate of Guelph University’s Creative Writing MFA program. They currently live in Toronto. Bones is their first book.