a poem by Harry Posner

Poem Title: Untitled Poet Name: Harry Posner Poem: 											Something about the mosh pit toughness of moths 									Or maybe the coy blushing of venerated butterflies 							Something about the gypsy slam dancing with lampposts 					Or maybe the monarch flushed with pomp and glitter 			Something about the foxglove cravings of garden tigers 	Or maybe the admiral marshaling a troop of Black-eyed Susans  Can     a     moth     live     with     a      butterfly’s     precious     nature? Can     a     butterfly     withstand     a     moth’s     lack     of     élan?  	Something about your firm grasp of light and death 			Or maybe my unforgivable ignorance of pistils and stamens 					Something about your willingness to chomp a leaf with gusto 							Or maybe my pollen smeared tongue as social embarrassment 									Something about wool sweaters made holey through hunger 											Or maybe the joy of nets and children waiting with boards and pins  End of poem.  Credits: Copyright © Harry Posner  A member of The Writers Union of Canada, Writers Ink Alton, Headwaters Writer Guild, and Associate Member of the League of Canadian Poets, Harry Posner is the author of six books and two spoken word CDs. Harry is Dufferin County’s Poet Laureate until 2022, organizer and host of the annual Day of the Poets festival in Orangeville, Ontario, and co-host with Peter Noce of The Sill podcast (www.thesillpodcast.com). His novella, Peggy Lee’s Delicious Lips, was the winner of the 2019 Ken Klonsky award, and he has recently released a collection of spoken word poetry, Blue is Bigger Than Brown. All of Harry’s books are available at www.posnerbooks.com.