/fray/ by Kimberley Orton

Poem Title: /fray/ Poet Name: Kimberley Orton Poem: What if this (bird)life	(bird)song is more, not because we are doing less, have more time, are  paying attention, are listening more closely, but because we are 		gone. Left. Lessened.  Our tread, lighter, and our desire paths faded 	blurred by new nature. Familiar language we  don’t speak.	Erasure is always the birth of something else. Murmur(ation)s of truth. Delighting  themselves in the dawn-wind 	find their way tell their way with their closest seven. Flight and  swoop. Everchange. Up go the flaps, down go the wheels... Gather on the(ir) runway (props),  and jet beyond to the(ir) beach. Reclaim tarmac and tree, asphalt and stone, sand, come (back)  together, loudly, stories incarnate into the fray.  ...  End of poem.  Credits: Copyright © Kimberley Orton  Kimberley Orton is a poet/stage poet, playwright and photographer who lives and works in downtown Toronto. She has been published by Playwrights Guild of Canada along with several other poetry publications, and her plays Raven, An Act of Ruth, and The Savage Lily have been produced in Toronto, Ottawa, New York and Chicago. Kimberley holds degrees from U of T in Theatre and English Literature, and is currently completing her MFA in Creative Writing at UBC.