The Mind Transplant by Lesley-Anne Evans

The Mind Transplant after Paul Durcan’s The Head Transplant By Lesley-Anne Evans My doctor said to me: Your mother needs a new mind. So I said to the doctor: You can give her my mind. My days were numbered—blocked goals, vertigo, metaphysical angst—so ‘Yes’ was his answer. Now I lie in my bed worrying away in my mind. What will the oul dear say with her new mind? Will she speak with a voice of an angel on a pin head? Or talk to herself in fragments of two voices? Or shriek when her tongue is unleashed in her mouth? Or become lamia, outcast for casting incantations of healing? Cold forged steel might bolster her neural connectors; her confusion will be a tailings pile. And all her dreams will be fluxed, and her doubts all quenched. Her friends will say; ‘Quite remarkable the change in Old Evelyn— Her new mind seems to be doing her the world of good. Bit of luck that daughter of hers buckled when she did.’ And I, when I’m dead, will become a standing stone freed from all thought, An elemental Irishwoman, iarann of the earth. Appendix of Irish Colloquial Phrases, the Irish Gaelic, and Sources oul dear = mom lamia = a dangerous woman with supernatural powers iarann = iron   Poet Bio: Lesley-Anne Evans is a poet and arts facilitator who dabbles in foraging and small batch jam making. She lives in Feeny Wood, a small woodland in Kelowna, British Columbia, where she writes and hosts spiritual retreats. Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Lesley-Anne is energized by visits to wild coasts. Lesley-Anne’s poetry is published in literary journals and installed as Pop-Up Poetry. She won the 2019 Federation of BC Writer’s Literary Prize, and was long listed for the 2020 Canterbury Poet of the Year. Lesley-Anne’s first collection of poems is forthcoming in late fall 2021.