METAPHORICALLY SPEAKING  By Patricia Mackay  You say there are wild beasts in the forest. Indeed… in the forest there are wild beasts!  You say they feast upon forest roamers. Indeed… on forest roamers wild beasts feast!  Are these wild beasts merely metaphorical? Indeed…metaphorical are these wild beasts.  Would you please refrain from using metaphors? Indeed…from metaphorical referencing I will cease… Metaphorically speaking…    Biography  Patricia is a poet with 18 years teaching experience (English and Creative Writing and Poetry) at the senior secondary level. She created several courses for BAA curriculum as well as prepared and presented Poetry and Creative Writing Workshops for Cowichan School District 79. Patricia has a large and diverse social platform; her poetry reaches readers of all ages and backgrounds across the globe. She has published in anthologies in Britain.  Selections of her poetry have been featured on broadcasts in India, as well as in the United States.  The most incredible aspect of this experience is that she presents a Canadian perspective of life.   Patricia lives on beautiful Vancouver Island.  Her life includes writing, music, travel, cooking and knitting.