I made this poem for you by Nan Williamson

Poem Title: I made this poem for you Poet Name: Nan Williamson Poem: I made this poem for you, from which you might gather my pain. - Catullus to his lover, Licinius Calvus Morning in the garden a row of slender bamboo stalks yellow banners waving flank the archway reminds me of Apollo’s sentries Delphi’s ancient kouroi naked sanctuary youths caught in sculpted marble and I recall the famed archaic kouros smile it conjures yours somehow knowing and amused Those lazy afternoons we played at writing scribbling verses juggling metres lines delighting in our voices giddy with Santorini wine Drunk on words we played at loving wanton lips and hands The night you left me restless I tossed wild sheets possessed by charm and curiously uncommonly your mind Among the Doric columns for weeks I stalked the Sacred Way half-crazed haunting Apollo’s shrine I threw my deranged poems to gaping tourists waiting for a Delphi photograph Madness burning at the base Meaning almost grasped Even now I dream the north wind carries cries hear howls in bells mourning most of all my barefoot boy how coiled braids restrained unruly curls curious eyebrows arched sly lips implied dark questions and I hear drumming drumming maenads carouse trample the ground in frenzied dance Here in my garden I mourn alone The sun god warms my numbed cheek One persistent green shoot pushes through cold stone End of poem. Credits: Copyright © Nan Williamson Nan Williamson is a teacher, artist and author living in Peterborough. She is a graduate of the Humber School for Writers, Toronto, 2013. Her chapbook, leave the door open for the moon, was published by Jackson Creek Press in 2015. Always interested in the verbal-visual connection, she plays with shapes, colours, and texture to wed form and content in paint and poetry. More than 70 of her poems have been published in juried literary journals and anthologies in Canada, the US, and the UK. She is also the illustrator for Delicate Impact, a Canadian anthology of poetry, A Beret Days Book, The Ontario Poetry Society, 2018. For National Poetry month, April, 2021, she led a weekly poetry course, “Poetry 101”.