19 Reasons to Keep Living by Sally Quon

Poem Title: 19 Reasons To Keep Living Poet Name: Sally Quon Poem: fragrance of morning mock-orange blossoms cascade down canyon walls rain fattened clouds smoky grey drums, drums rhythm of heartbeat thunder in the sky bittersweet longing call of the loon sweet kiss of rain brushing skin water and willow on an episodic wind wet grass in the aftermath of storm bird-song, chorus of frog, coyote calling silent mind slant of evening sunlight, falling in the forest low, golden glow dusty shadows shifting moon-rise, star-shine stillness of night emerald ribbons ripple midnight sky predawn light of cobalt blue earth and sky rising the inevitable dawn End of poem. Credits: Copyright © Sally Quon Sally Quon is a back-country blogger, dirt-road diva, and teller of tales. Choosing to express herself through poetry, photography, and creative non-fiction, Sally has been published in all three. Look for her in these upcoming anthologies: A Journey Across New Westminster by Word – A Poetry of Place, Poet Laureate Alan Hill in conjunction with the City of New Westminster, 2021, “Woodlands Memorial Garden”; I Don’t Cry Anymore Poetry Anthology, Liminal Press, 2021, “#me”; and The Abstract of Time Anthology, The Rudderless Mariner, 2021, “Cobwebs” Instagram: @SallyQuon Twitter: @QuonSally featherstone-creative.com