Broken Doll by Angel Edwards

Poem title: Broken Doll Poet name: Angel Edwards Poem: They gathered up all of the pieces of her collected all of the broken bits of her Broken doll they fed her soothing syrups injected calming medicines (she waited helplessly a long time seemingly for surgery) doctors sliced her arms open fixed her broken bones pins and plates replaced a part terrified her heart Broken doll stitched her open skin closed the wounds braced and wrapped her arms hospitalized released Broken doll traumatized forsaken still Broken doll still broken End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © Angel Edwards Angel Edwards is a singer songwriter guitar player from Vancouver B.C. She has written four books of poetry and her poetry and short stories have been published in numerous newspapers and ezines all over the world. Angel is the owner of a small music publishing company entitled “The Angel Edwards Music” 2007 TM, with a catalogue of pop rock and modern classical music. Angel was in a bad accident and broke both of her arms and she has permanent metal implants and restricted movement in both of her arms. She is continuing to recover and will begin doing more solo gigs music and poetry once Covid is over. • • • • •