Patterns by Roberta Ann Walker

Poem Title: Patterns Poet Name: Roberta Ann Walker Poem: Creation replicates patterns that perform The plant above ground reflecting the root system beneath Winter-bare branches of two deciduous trees mirror the circulatory system of a set of human lungs. Winding rivulets of a delta river system wend their way seaward spread like tresses of long hair across a blanket of sand or threading like nerve bundles wrapping the spinal cord. The pig's snout or a tapir's proboscis reflect the engineering marvel of an elephant's trunk. Every bird, beast and fish in the ocean possesses a muscular, beating heart that circulates blood and perpetuates Life. Yet alone of all Earth's creations, can one human being without a single, physical touch Break-- or heal---another human's heart. End of poem. Credits: Roberta Ann self-published a book of her family history, complete with old photos, which has been well received by family and friends, "My Grandmother's Journey and other tales". In 2016 she self-published "A Poetry Collection: Psalms, Seasons, Memories" of 3 short booklets into one. Another poem, "Fragile Legacy" can be found in the Women's Literature collection of UWO. A Catholic magazine published her poem "Stages" as part of their reflection on the Psalms, and in 2016 she set that piece to music, 4-part harmony for a choir. One of her song lyrics represented Ontario in a commissioned collection of writers invited to celebrate Canada's 150th celebration.