Summer Over the Grand River by Paula Kienapple-Summers

Poem Title: Summer Over the Grand River Poet Name: Paula Kienapple-Summers Poem: the pink sky yawns above my morning commute white clouds lengthen across the horizon the sun floats my car dips toward the river valley mist hovers around thickets of maple, stout conifers grassy mounds and leafy shrubs pad the banks crossing the bridge, a glance at the dark moving water on the rise, the road widens three lanes of highway curl east, two west a narrow patch of greenery at the junction approaching my exit two deer dash out red flare the car in front brakes brown fur hurtling across fender and hind legs collide crack the youngling tumbles and spins into the ditch I brake in staccato jerks the car spasms left, right in the lane tea sloshes, purse slides migrating traffic vacillates a moment then rolls on like the river End of poem. Credits: Copyright © Paula Kienapple-Summers Paula Kienapple-Summers is a writer from Kitchener, Ontario. Her poems have been published in journals such as Existere, The Nashwaak Review, Tower Poetry, and Spadina Literary Review as well as anthologies including Another Dysfunctional Cancer Poetry Anthology (Mansfield Press: 2018) and Voicing Suicide (Ekstasis Press: 2020).