When by Susan Ksiezopolski

Poem Title: When  Poet Name: Susan Ksiezopolski Poem: when I am  still here but can no longer hear sing me hummingbird songs  in the silence I will listen  when I can  no longer see show me the splendor of a sunrise through the sound of your voice  when I can no longer eat or drink  feed me your parched words To quench my hungry thirst  when I can no longer speak listen to my teary eyes whisper  treasured tales of my tender devotion   when I am  weary and ready to leave this place let me go hold on to the part of me that is yours  always, my heart   End of poem.  Credits: Copyright © Susan Ksiezopolski  Susan Ksiezopolski, is an award-winning writer of two poetry books My Words, Writing for Change, and two writing aides The Writer’s Workbook and Fuel Your Creativity. Her poetry has also been featured in various anthologies, the Canadian Immigrant Magazine, Alt-Minds Magazine and FreeLit Magazine as well as on other online platforms. A graduate of Humber School for Writers, Susan has developed and delivers expressive writing workshops across the GTA. Visit www.mywordsnow.com for more information, follow her work on Instagram @writewell_2020  or on YouTube .