Winter Always Turns to Spring by Honey Novick

Winter Always Turns to Spring by Honey Novick  ...winter always turns to spring... Nichiren, 13th century sage  born in a blizzard and tropical by nature I am a child of the earth  covered in snow, ice and sleet I endure the weight of my frozen dress it is seasonal and will change, melt  this is my hope - change  as long as I endure, have patience winter will become spring colourful, energetic, expectant  the greys, whites, stark blackness of winter come with warnings of danger yet,  deep down the roots of all life  are merely dormant asleep  winter, sometimes is like heartbreak searingly cold, bitingly bitter just enough to teach a broken heart that when there once was love,  warmth, dreams still exist reformatting  sometimes the eye can not see the life force of growth entrusted to a darkened bare tree limb latent, powerful yet invisible it will once again bud and blossom thus the promise winter never fails to turn into spring she always turns to spring  Copyright © Honey Novick  Honey Novick is a singer/songwriter/voice teacher/poet. She is the 2021 Nominee for the Urban Hero Awards in the Arts Category as well as the 2020 Mentor awardee of CSARN - Canadian Senior Artist Resource Network, 3rd time awardee of the Gerstein legacy Fund and 2020 awardee of the Community Hero award for bringing poetry and music to people in parks during the pandemic.  Her trade book “Hope comma Lucent, You Edify Me” is published by Taj Mahal Review.  She has 9 chapbooks and 8 CDs.  Her next book “Bob Dylan, My Rabbi” will be published by the Secret Handshake publications in September 2021.   She teaches VoiceYoga and sings with bill bissett and George Elliott Clarke.