What Ugly Is by Robert Priest

What Ugly Is by Robert Priest  i put on a man mask and went among the people of earth in search of what ugly means  many years the word had troubled me, as i listened over and over to some of the approximately four billion mouth sounds which these animals make  beauty i had come to understand in stars in eyes the silver lapping of the oceans there but ugly what did it mean?  unrecognized never speaking but always listening i walked their streets and cities i went into their starvations their working places deep in mines i climbed a mountain and looked into the writings and holy codes of their artists but it wasn't until i shared quarters with an actual family and watched in shock the upbringing of their young that i realized ugly is what happens to something you don't love enough  Copyright © Robert Priest  Previously published in the visible man by Robert Priest (Unfinished Monument Press, 1979) and then again in Robert Priest’s selected poems collection Blue Pyramids (ECW ,2002)   Robert Priest, is the author of seventeen books of poetry and the fantasy trilogy Spell Crossed. His words have been debated in the legislature, posted in the Transit system, quoted in the Farmer’s Almanac, turned into a hit song and sung on Sesame street. His latest recording of songs and poems BAAM! is available on Spotify, YouTube and iTunes. robertpriest.org