Two Mornings, 2018 by Michelle Poirier Brown

Title: Two Mornings, 2018 Poet: by Michelle Poirier Brown  Poem begins: Donald Trump is in a hotel room in Singapore. We could be hours away from a nuclear war. I haven’t spoken with my friend in Winnipeg for three days. She isn’t speaking to me.  Meanwhile, the sun is high above the house across the street. The car the neighbour is selling has moved again. The late iris, abloom in pure purple, its frill and throat on offer. Drink me.  We make progress. After five summers of a mud field where we grew peas while we waited for inspiration— five winters of teetering across a makeshift line of concrete blocks to get to the front door— my husband has laid a line of stone the width of our property. Bones of a wall.  A woman in a coral-coloured sweater stops at the common for a book. She wears a straw hat.  My friend has elected not to speak. She fears she will say something empty, and I will elect not to be her friend.  I’ve known her handwriting since the third grade.   *   People laugh at me. As in, look at those eyeglasses.  As in, to my face.  This is not the third grade, my eyeglasses not so thick they distort my eyes. I am a woman of 58.  Sometimes, they deride me. Ha. That’s just citizenship in the BC Métis. As if they know my position on race. Or the constitution.  My landscaper laughed at my hat. A boss scoffed at my belt. A husband laughed at my business plan.  A woman walks down my street in a coral-coloured sweater and straw hat and I wonder what else does she get away with? End of poem.  Credits: Copyright © Michelle Poirier Brown  Originally published as “Porch Poems.” League of Canadian Poets/SAWCI. I am what becomes of broken branch chapbook. May 2020.  Michelle Poirier Brown is an internationally published Cree Métis poet and performer, currently living in Lekwungen territory (Victoria, BC, Canada). Her poem “Wake,” published in PRISM international’s “Dreams” issue, was awarded the Earle Birney Prize. Other poetry is forthcoming or has appeared in Arc, CV2, Grain, The Greensboro Review, Emrys Journal, Open Minds, Plenitude, Right Hand Pointing, and Vallum; the chapbooks Ekphrasis: Poets Respond; I am what becomes of broken branch; and Tending the Fire; and the anthologies Dis(s)ent, RAWSIY II and Sweet Water: Poems for the Watersheds. Long list awards include Grouse Grind V(ery) Short Forms (2017), Literary Writes Poetry (2018 and 2020), and Room Magazine Poetry (2019). Her current work includes a commission of new poems for a cycle of art songs (Jeffrey Ryan, composer) and an experimental one-act memoir based on living with PTSD.