Random Stone.2.Worksite by Russell Carisse

Poem title: Random Stone.2.Worksite Poet name: Russell Carisse Poem: Scaffolders, out ledgered on lanyards stretched, Hoist delivered standards above in bundles, Standards in pull test anchored, slumping mud Mixed, engineered, stamps in blueprint drawing, Before masons, who labour laboured, with Duration struck, punch at the clock, sometimes Shored to conserve damage to time in breaks, Decking along with stairs, handrail, toeboards, Tarps cutting the winds from breathless to dust, Respired spit drips, mingles with blood knuckled Drops on stone, bricks and mortared right in, so Mortified workings of shafts, doors, windowed, For lights outwardly shine through nights as a Beacon point wastings, those shade rest assuring. End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © Russell Carisse Previously published in The Quarantine Review, and forthcoming in Carisse’s chapbook, BRICKWORKS (Frog Hollow Press). Russell Carisse is living in the woods on unceded Mi’kmaw land in New Brunswick, Canada. Here they have settled off-grid with their family of people and animals, growing food, and writing. Russell’s work is forthcoming or in, The Quarantine Review, antilang.magazine, Utopia Project, The Pi Review, Funicular, Periodicities, STILL: The Journal, The Paragon Journal, in translation in Le Watts Revue, Nomography (Sideroxylon2020), and BRICKWORKS (Frog Hollow Press TBA)