One As You Are One—A Meditation by Lesley-Anne Evans

Poem Title: One As You Are One—A Meditation Poet name: Lesley Anne Evans Poem begins: 1.	the intersection of two jet streams, and the dissipation—a phantom Maltese cross 2.	ecstatic humpback utterances with the dead drone of transcontinental ships 3.	carbon monoxide with Boreal forests in chlorophyll leaf 4.	old growth’s symbiotic intersections of fungal filaments and fine hairlike roots 5.	the intersection of lungs and free radicals we call oxygen 6.	the intersection of Rowan’s tired berries outside my window, and my longing for a cure  7.	the intersection of letters, packages, cell signals, and text messages, due to health orders and impending fines if we persist with interpersonal intersections 8.	the intersection of what we were told is either sacred or profane 9.	the intersection of father, son, spirit and divine feminine 10.	the intersection of gender, race, age and socio-economics 11.	the intersection of all the stories of all the Ancestors 12.	the intersection of your story with my story, and your outrage with my offence 13.	the intersection of trigger points with reality, and reality once triggered 14.	the intersection of today and tomorrow within the mystery of midnight 15.	the intersection of tomorrow’s plans with the unplanned occurrences of last week 16.	the intersection of your thoughts with my thoughts and the meditations of our hearts 17.	the intersection of sacred and profane 18.	the intersection of this poem on this page on this device that you hold now at the intersection of your hand and your lap at the intersection of your body and your chair’s intersection with the floor’s intersection with the foundation of a built structure and the foundation of the earth’s intersection with space and time and infinity and one everlasting zero point energy amen. End of poem.  Credits: Copyright © Lesley-Anne Evans Lesley-Anne Evans is a poet who dabbles in foraging, photography, and growing tomatoes. Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Lesley-Anne writes from Feeny Wood, a small woodland in British Columbia, Canada, where she facilitates (he)art-centred spiritual retreats. Lesley-Anne’s poetry is awarded and published. Her collection Mute Swan, Poems for Maria Queen of the World is forthcoming from The St. Thomas Poetry Series (Toronto) in November, 2021. • • •