The Shed by Rebecca Holand

Poem title: The Shed Poet: by Rebecca Holand Poem begins: We build together. Odd bits found to fit bent nails pulled from warped boards  You hand me a drill leave me your confidence  as you search tumbled lumber once blue then green now neither  With new-found skills I pound a frame wipe sweat discover beer  We sleep a night without walls a dog a moon a thrill a dream  The beams, the roof, take longer I give up. You finish. Now the sky  doesn’t enter, the door clicks the paint our bikes our skates  Ripening apples bruise the path to the shed .End of poem.  Credits:  Copyright © Rebecca Holand  Rebecca Holand’s poetry considers the fleeting, yielding ‘vignettes of the everyday’. Her degree focused on visual arts and creative writing, which continue to be vital daily activities, even if just as an observer. Ms. Holand is a member of writing groups Harbour Centre 5 and Joy Kogawa House, Vancouver, B.C. Her poetry has been published in Rags, Prairie Journal, Freefall Magazine and Ascent Magazine.